We have a broad range of genetics from Kenya and will be able to provide for your Boran needs.

Following a lifetime love of farming it is only recently that we have been able to realise our dream to devote ourselves to our farm in the Byrne Valley, KwaZulu Natal.

We have moved now from Byrne Valley due to the land claims on the farm and have now resettled in Mpumalanga in the town of Bethal.

Choosing to farm Borans was the easiest choice we have had to make, with their many wonderful attributes, too many to mention, but to state just a few:


  • Their very strong hybrid vigour which is attributed to the fact that the Boran is a completely pure breed having had no crossbreeding for at least 1300 years. This makes it ideal for cross breeding with any other breed in commercial use today.

  • Their high resistance to tick and other diseases due to their motile skin which has short hair covering and a waxy secretion. These are all good deterents against the many harmful insects present in their pastures.

  • The fact that the female Borans reach puberty at a very young age, calf with ease and have strong mothering instincts and a good milk supply to feed their calves.

  • The fact that they remain fertile for years after many other breeding cows have long since been eliminated from the herd.

  • The overall longevitity of the breed.

  • Their wonderful herding ability, relatively docile nature and subsequent ease of handling.

These are just a few of the Borans wonderful traits.

But it is what the Boran can offer to all the other breeds that is so important. Their extreme hybrid status ensures that the benefits of crossbreeding can been seen immediately. It is not only the above mentioned points that can be bred into other breeds, but the fact that the the meat quality of the Boran has been proven to be excellent. They produce good quality beef on grass and water, when taken into consideration the production cost of beef drops when you farm with Borans.

There is a good 15 % average increase in weaning weight when you use a Boran bull on your typical meduim frame farm cow which also converts to more money in your pocket.

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